The details:

Sanderson Farms’ recipes are delicious, beautifully captured, and draw a lot of users. The BBDO team offered Sanderson a custom recipe skill for Amazon Alexa and Google Home. I built this for both marketplaces. Here’s how it worked!

Amazon Alexa

For Alexa, I built a custom NodeJS skill using the Alexa Skill Kit. It dynamically pulls recipes from the database and serves them up at the speed of voice! I built a PHP web hook to allow communication between the skill code and the site code. It’s currently live! Just ask Alexa to cook Buttermilk Chicken Tenders with Sanderson Farms.

Google Assistant

For Google Assistant, I updated the site code to be consistent with Google’s Recipe Structured Data. This required a complete overhaul of the way the recipes were programmed. Now, if a user asks Google for a Sanderson Farms Chicken Breast recipe, Google will recommend a few recipes using that cut of chicken.